Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Most hilarious of all is that most of the stories come from the online dating sphere which adds a certain unexpected element...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When They Come Back Around

I was seeing this guy, Mr. Tech, back in the Spring.  We had a good first date, a great 2nd date, and an amazing 3rd date.  The 2nd and 3rd date involved being introduced to his friends.  One would think things were going swimmingly.  His friends loved me--not trying to brag, I liked them too.  The 3rd date was a Saint Patty's Day Crawl.  We had a great time.  I didn't drink myself into oblivion which was a feat.  We ended up back at his house, lounged together, napped together, and made out some.  Unfortunately, my little friend was around, so it was pretty G rated.  The only awkwardness was I had to tell him as he tried to get into my pants.  Now, I'm not sure if my blurting out I was on the rag was what cause things to go sour, but how else do you let someone know?  Let them figure it out for themselves when they find the string--I think NOT!  

So the 3rd date lasted around 12 hours.  It was a great 12 hours.  We stole kisses at the bar and had a great time hanging out with his friends.  So what happened?  I texted him on actual Saint Patty's Day and got no response.  And never heard from him again....until TODAY.  He did "The Fade".  Things going well and then RADIO SILENCE.  I wasn't overly disappointed. I didn't think he was my soul mate but I enjoyed his company.  I am guilty of the I don't get too worked up when it happens to me.  However, when they randomly 6 months later contact you (ie wink at you) on Match.  What is the deal?  Did he get back with an old girlfriend, start talking to his ex-wife again, WTF??  Will keep you posted if he contacts me back.  I just had to send an email--more out of curiosity than anything.  Email was:

Subject:  How ya been stranger
Body:  Hope you had a good summer.

What's even funnier is that I've seen him randomly on Match but then his profile is hidden again.  How do I know he randomly reveals his profile, you might ask, he picked me as one of his "Favorites".  One minute he'll be listed and then later that day vanished.  Gotta love online dating!


  1. Good that you come to know about him & his nature in the beginning itself, There will be people who are not serious about relationships & just wants to hang out.

  2. My guess is an old girlfriend popped back on the scene. That happens surprisingly very frequently with these dating site guys. He's probably just giving a friendly hi. Wish him well. :)

  3. I hate the silence, but hate the return just as much.

    Love the blog, can't wait to follow your adventures. If you're bored, you can follow mine:

  4. I'm with singleinmy30s...probably just a friendly just wish him well :)

  5. The fade is one thing. It happens. Sometimes they aren't interested in making an effort. All right.

    But the spontaneous silence is INSANE. It happened to me once last summer, and I vowed not to do it to anyone, except in the direst of circumstances. What causes a guy with whom you've had several lovely dates to completely cut you off without warning? Insane. Don't write back to him.

  6. love how you refer to him as Mr. Tech Guy! classic.

  7. I think Ive found my soul mate in you! Not in a sexual way of course, but as I read your blog I think it IS me!!! I have had numerous online experiences and psudo relationships and have "Mr." nicknames for all my men. Even the experiences that ahppen over and over again have nicknames. My personal favorite is the "Switch." When you go from being the Godess theyve looked for all their lives to a girl they keep on the backburner and take out once a week, because she "hasnt done anything wrong" so they have no reason to off you.

    Long story short last year I fell deeply in love for the 1st time despite doing nothing but dating in my 20s. It was then I realized how shallow and meaningless all these "Mr's" are.

    Unfortunaley for me he is now married to his *ex* wife again.

    As I read your blog Im weeping and cringing knowing my life is going to go back to this. But what else is a single girl supposed to do??? Im a labor/delivery nurse who works only with women and much like you, I have single girl whims my settled down friends cant accomadate so I alternate sitting at home alone and going out alone.

    God I dont want to go back to this lifestyle. But there is something missing. I didnt even realize HOW bad this superficial dating crap and artifical "are they, arent they"relationships sucked until I got out of it and experienced the real thing.

    God I miss Mike. God Im not looking forward to this. But God I miss sex and companionship also. So whats a single chick in her late 20's to do???


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