Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Most hilarious of all is that most of the stories come from the online dating sphere which adds a certain unexpected element...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Old Fashioned Dating: To be Picked Up or Not?

I have a 2nd date with a guy on Wednesday.  We're going to see the Counting Crows and Augustana.  I'm super pumped.  Not only is it a great idea for a second date, but I also like the bands.  

The first date went really well.  We met for drinks at a low key bar starting talking at 7pm and didn't finish (without awkward pauses, etc) until around 11pm.  He walked me to my car (very sweet) and then asked if he could kiss me (**swoon).  It was a sweet couple of peck kisses of sorts--certainly not anything to make my knees buckle, of course, but it was incredible to be asked to be kissed!  I don't think that's happened since high school especially the peck part.  I don't routinely get mauled by any means, but normally they swoop in wanted or not.

We talked about the concerts over the 1st date and then he texted Sunday to ask if I'd like to go.   I obviously said Yes!  He then offers to come and pick me up and drive us to the venue.  I text back that it's totally unnecessary as he lives on 1 side of town and I on the other and it would add an hour and half to the trip.  He replies he prefers the old fashioned way of dating and I can't get the whole Mr. Sweet dating experience unless he picks up me.  I reply: Very sweet but there's plenty of time for the whole experience in the future ;).  

This got me to thinking: First--how AWESOME that a guy is polite enough to offer to pick me up (again hasn't happened in a while); Second--I would never let a guy I met online pick me up on a second date; Third--my 21st century self has really ruined the romance part of dating.  

Although many of my dates and/or posts don't reflect it, I am a romantic at heart.  I want to be swept off my feet.  I want to be picked up and driven, given flowers, and experience the whole romantic notion of dating.  Dating online and crimes of the 21st century, however, have ruined many of those "fantasies".  Immediately, when I get offered to be picked up, I think are you a secret murderer, rapist i.e. will you harm me in some way.  Not exactly of which romance is made.  

So I'm still left with a couple questions: Can romance exist in online dating at least in the initial phases?  Am I being overly cautious?

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