Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Most hilarious of all is that most of the stories come from the online dating sphere which adds a certain unexpected element...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Not Trying to Flirt...then WHY are You on a Dating Site?

There comes a point in every online dating experience in which you think A) Am I really doing this? B) Why are people so strange?  The following message makes me ask both of these questions.

No, no, no Uggggggg. You think I'm trying to flirt with you and I'm not. And that bothers me because if that's the way you are thinking then you must think everything I've said is just BS. It's not BS. I told you I don't do "fake." If I didn't feel it was true, I wouldn't be saying it.
Okay, maybe 1% of me was flirting, but I did not want you to lose the real message. The real message is that My thoughts toward you are simple. I think you are very genuine, very loyal, and very fun. Key words being genuine and loyal. Anyway, all I am trying to say is that I get the fact that you are special. So special that if you shot me down a million times, I wouldn't care. I'd still think you were a hell of a person.

Lee, YES, my God yes you are gorgeous. I can't deny that. But that's not why I am here. It' just not. I only hope on some level you can see that. Your head should be swelled. Someone out there thinks very highly of you as a whole person for who you are now. Not for what you "could become." You are very very special right now, all by yourself. And that's extremely rare for me to find. On some level I had to try to share that with you. That's all.

No matter what I say you're just going to think I'm trying to flirt. Terribly frustrating. Lol. (shaking head)

While the message in some ways flattering, I have some additional questions.  How does this person after 1 email think that he knows me so well? And why are you on a dating site if, on some level, you aren't trying to flirt?  Isn't flirting part of dating?  

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