Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Most hilarious of all is that most of the stories come from the online dating sphere which adds a certain unexpected element...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New to NOLA but I live in Charlotte?

Funny thing, I live in why is he contacting me and writing such a lengthy email when he lives in New Orleans??? Never been a fan of long distance relationships in general, but starting one as long distance just seems absurd.  Eharmony, it has always seemed to me to be a proponent of long distance and moving/traveling great distances to find the person that meets their 27 dimensions of compatibility.  I think this, personally, is (albeit perhaps possible to find love) kind of unsafe.  There aren't enough emails, phone calls, or Skype calls that can give you utter assurance that whom you will meet will be normal and not scary.  Of course, all online dates are this way.  There is always an element of "shit, am I going to be meeting a stalker/rapist/killer" when I go out on any online date.  If I immediately get his feeling from emails/calls, I, obviously, don't go.  

What's more strange is that since I've turned 30, I've received more winks, been viewed by, and gotten emails from people that do not live in the Charlotte or even NC area.  Does the fact that I've reached the "about to be a spinster" age mean that all of a sudden I am so desperate I will take on a long distance relationship just for a remote feel of having a boyfriend?  I don't think so.  I want someone who is real, whom I can touch, whom is there to snuggle with, go out with, stay home with; I do not want a pen pal.  So--do I even respond to this guy and ask why did you contact me, I live in Charlotte? Message: New to NOLA


40, New Orleans, LA
Seeking Female 29-48
Thirst for Adventure & Knowledge
I am a world traveler who is very down to earth. Volunteer around the Globe to help children born with congenital heart disease. I have a sharp wit, and great sense of humor. Love Adventure. Avid Snow Skier SCUBA Diver Sailor Looking for someone who wants to share my life and adventures with me . . . … Read more »
From: NOLA MAN > / Received: November 02, 2010

New to NOLA


I am a medical professional new to NOLA.
Educated, with a down to earth outgoing personality.
Great sense of humor.

Spend the last 2 years traveling the globe as a volunteer working in surgery fixing children’s hearts in third world countries. The International Children's Heart Foundation ( ) has been my passion. I trained and worked in Miami for 8 years. Prior to my travels, I worked in St. Petersburg - Tampa for 7 years, then quit my day job to teach around the globe.

Currently, I have taken a job at Tulane University Medical Center, to help them restart their Pediatric Heart Surgery program. Since I have only met a few people at work, I thought I would give this internet thing a whirl !

Love adventure, avid snow skier & scuba diver.

Want someone to share my adventures with . . .

E nough about me and my job, I would really like to know more about you ?

If you could choose anywhere in the world to travel where would you like to go ?

Hope to hear from you,



  1. Hey there! Fellow blogger here who also dabbles in the online thing - and I've gotten a few of these from time to time - I live in Georgia and a guy contacted me from Illinois...really?? Anyway, my guess, when someone contacts me who lives further than 100-150 miles from me, I think that somehow you were picked for his daily five or recommended by eharmony/match/whatever. he probably didn't even notice that you live in Charlotte. One thing I'll say about his email though - if it were being sent to me, nothing about that email makes me feel like he's interested in ME (you, obviously) - he basically rewrites what's already in his profile and didn't take the time to look at your profile and pick out talking points/things that you're both interested in/why he's drawn to you. It seems like a canned email that he probably sends to 10 girls a day that only talks himself up. The best online experiences I've had (i.e. actual dates that turned into more than one meet up) were started by guys who were clever and picked out something from my profile that they were drawn to. Example: I love to sing, so one guy said he'd bet he could beat me in a karaoke contest.

    My advice: you could send him a nice email saying something to the effect of "not really looking for anything long distance at this point - thanks for the email, good luck." you can fluff it up a bit but that's probably the main point you should make if you're not interested in treking out to NOLA every few weeks.

    Good luck! And feel free to follow my blog if you like! I write about more than the online dating thing but that's definitely been a common subject over the last few months. :)

  2. Already sent the "Thanks for your email but good luck". Hate canned emails more than anything. Best online dates have resulted from real emails as well. Follow your blog and think it's hilarious. Thanks for following mine!

    So Called Dating

  3. I know this makes me a douche. But the first thing i wondered. So is he a doctor (aka heart surgeon aka able to fulfill any McDreamy fantasies) or is he like a hospital admin or bureaucrat or something?

  4. It's a bit odd that so many guys who don't live near to you are in contact. What are they actually expecting from you???

  5. What's even more hilarious is that it specifically states in my profile:

    "I'm also not looking for a pen pal. It seems like a lot of times conversations on here end up in email or text purgatory."

    SSDated--always have had the McDreamy fantasy and met one last fall/winter. He was tall and dreamy...too bad he wasn't quite over his divorce...


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