Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Most hilarious of all is that most of the stories come from the online dating sphere which adds a certain unexpected element...

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Alone Part of Being Single

Obviously in being single, one can tend to spend a significant portion of time alone.  This is particularly the case when one lives alone as I do.  I'm not a hermit by any means.  I date a fair amount and go out with friends, but there are many evenings that consist of just me, myself, and I plus my cute pup, Fabes.  I was raised as an only child and typically the alone factor isn't a big deal.  I've perfected the ability to entertain myself and, at times, crave solitude.  These cravings generally come after people filled weekends/time periods.  

There are times, however, when "the alone factor" sucks:

-Dinner time-I hate cooking for one and tend to avoid doing it.  There is simply no joy (for me at least) in preparing and eating at home by myself.  This leads to lots of eating out which can get expensive and isn't quite as healthy (given where I live) as I would like.
-I typically don't mind eating out alone and got pretty good at it after living in China on my own....Except when  your waitress looks at you with pity and says, "Can I get you a newspaper or something?"

SIDE BAR- I hate when I take myself out to eat and the food (specifically in this instance, spaghetti carbonara) that I make is better than the restaurant's.  Grrrr...but I hate cooking for one!

-When your mom poignantly asks, "You're going to the mountains alone for the yourself?"  Yes, mom, we are in the 21st century and I can travel alone.  Yes, mom, don't you remember I moved to China twice by why is driving an hour and a half to the mountains by myself weird?  Last time, I checked mountain folk speak English and it's close--not nearly as strange as moving to China without a job, apartment, pretty much anything except my suitcase.  That didn't freak her out but going hiking and wandering in the NC mountains with my dog is somehow not alright.  

I'm 30 without a boyfriend or husband that means if I want to do something either I do it alone or I find a friend.  Finding a friend, however, is easier said than done--no offense to my dear, dear friends that live close and read this.  I realize they have their own lives and plans that don't always coincide with my whims.  So in being single, you sometimes have 2 options:  1) stay at home and do nothing (yuck!) 2) go out and do it by yourself.  I normally choose the latter unless I'm being lazy...I do love my couch.  I'd so much rather do stuff even if it is by myself than end up being a hermit and waiting for someone to ask me to do something or hoping that I can find a friend.  


  1. I am totally with you on cooking for one. The not having anyone to help with clean-up is the worst part for me. Love your blog!

  2. Hey there! Stumbled upon your blog through Twitter. I know how you feel. Well, not exactly, because I'm a guy going through the single scene. You're not too far away though. I'm in Atlanta.


  3. I remember those days! Looking back they could be lonely, but one day, you'll crave your independence, even after you find your Mr. Perfect for you. I like to look at my last single period as part of my youth.

    And I say good for you for going out on your own! And I wouldn't be surprised if it's on one of your solo dates that you meet a match!

    Good luck to you in your search!



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