Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Most hilarious of all is that most of the stories come from the online dating sphere which adds a certain unexpected element...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Need some Physical Attraction

So obviously, I've been on a dating binge the past few weeks--4 dates in 2 weeks.  The problem with most of these dates--no physical attraction.  I'm not looking for a Brad Pitt look a like, but I need to at least feel some sort of weakness in the knees.  There has to be something that sparks that "want" to be touched.  I haven't gotten that in a while.  Maybe this is a function of growing up.  I used to walk in a bar 5 years ago and find at least 5 people I could have envisioned having more than a little fun with.  And sometimes, I acted on it--ok pretty often acted on it.  I haven't experienced this of late at all.  I mention this low sex drive in As I Approach 30.   I hate it.

This reaction indicates there wasn't any red hot action resulting from Mr. Business aka the 45 year old white haired man or anyone else.  Sorry to disappoint--I was hoping for a juicy posting too.  The problem--we had a great conversation.  It was actually a pleasurable outing--just minus the physical attraction.

Something else interesting happened on my date this past Saturday afternoon with Mr. Ole Miss.  I was called a communist.  Now, I will admit I am very pro-China (yes, this makes some people nervous), but I am not pro-communist.  Not everyone is created equal.  Everyone has there own talents in which they excel and should be justly compensated for said talents.  I do think that China's ability to direct funding in certain industries with high growth potential is a sound practice.  The free market is not able to "decide" on its own what will ultimately result in the most growth/prosperity--it needs helps.  (I explained all this to him too, FYI.) Anyway, I digress.  Mr. Ole Miss was very attractive and I actually felt some weakness, but it ended in a killjoy with him insulting me.  Funny enough, he actually complained about the small mindedness of people at Ole Miss...think he might have been complaining a little about himself.  

On another note,  it's interesting the number of "hits" I receive on Match and Okcupid have decreased exponentially since I turned 30.  Nothing about my profiles has changed--just my age.  That's a bit depressing.  I also think I might have tapped out the Charlotte market...when I go out on dates now, I usually see someone that I've previously been out with--this happened on Friday when I went out with Mr. Business.  Fortunately, there wasn't any weirdness per se; other than I looked at him and thought Shit, I  went out with you and I can't remember anything about it.  

Sorry about the political mumbo jumbo thrown in--just couldn't be avoided. Next!


  1. If you feel like you're not comfortable w your age - be 29 again! Also - it is frustrating when you're not attracted to someone as physically as you are intellectually. Hang in there, babe! Its a numbers game after all.

  2. I'm no doctor...but I've always heard that women are in our sexual prime in our 30s (which is inconvenient because boys hit theirs about 17 or something) maybe it's a low hormone level...or a Birth control problem?...or maybe something else...just a thought?

    Or the obvious...the guys are not getting your motor going because they aren't getting your motor guys.


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