Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Most hilarious of all is that most of the stories come from the online dating sphere which adds a certain unexpected element...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Old Loves

As you might have noticed, I have been MIA for the past few weeks.  Granted, I had a good date a few weeks ago...that of course, went no where because of my shenanigans in the cars aka I am white trash....

However, I have great news!  I have a new JOB!  For those that have known me for several years, you know that this has been a long time coming.  I have a new position in International Marketing and my market is China!  All those years and money are starting to pay off!  Finally! ~ YIPPEE!!

Back on topic, this past Thanksgiving, I saw a past boyfriend/love/someone I've had a thing with for as long as I can remember in adulthood.  We dated when I was 24 and he was 44.  Obviously now, I am 30 and he is 50.  We have remained friends over the years and attend the same function each Thanksgiving.  In fact, he's had Thanksgiving dinner with my family and I for several years.  So he's "in" so to speak.  Mom and Dad know him and love him though they are a bit concerned on how much we pick.  And I mean tease each other.    This past weekend seemed (at least to me) to be different.  We were kinder, more loving, and had more serious talks about the future.  Now, my college roommate will poignantly point out he would not commit exclusively 6 years ago and that was part of the reason we didn't last.  And maybe it felt different this year as I am in a different place:  I have a new place (out of the farm house FINALLY~hell yeah!); I have a big girl job FINALLY(~hell to the f*** yeah!); and I am actually ready to settle down and think about (ummmm..yes...) a husband, family, and children.  Did I write that...yes, I really feel that way.

On some level, he is my version of a knight in shining armor...he is decorated in the military and of rank, he comes from the right family, he has the same goals and aspirations, we like the same things...and while going down a check list so to speak, he makes me laugh and makes me feel special and beautiful and all those tingly things...yes, he is significantly older but honestly, I like that.  He feels 100% MAN.  There is no boy.  That's nice--more than nice and makes me feel safe and cared for.

So even if I was just living the fairy tale week of my life another year with my knight, it was so well worth it.  I just need to remember this if I get rejected again and I sure hope that is not the case.  I hope it ends with roses, bells, and rings.

Who is this writing....I'm not sure it's myself...but HELL YEA I got the job and the place even if I don't get the man!

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