Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Thoughts, stories, and the hilarity involved in dating

Most hilarious of all is that most of the stories come from the online dating sphere which adds a certain unexpected element...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Overeagerness is NOT attractive

Being overly eager does not an attractive date make.  Sure, you want them to like you (assuming you like them), you want them to call and text, but paying an inordinate amount of attention is a TOTAL turnoff.  Allow me to explain.

This past Friday, I went out with a girlfriend.  We went to dinner and then went to have drinks at the Gin Mill.  It's usually a pretty low key place with a decent crowd and usually some cuties.  This point was proven when Mr. Michigan approached.  He was a little younger, 27, and attracted to my friend.  Great--I was hoping he would have a cute friend in tow but alas that was not the case.  As they continued chatting, I looked around to see if perhaps there might be a cutie for me.  Then, Mr. Grenada approaches and states in a Caribbean/pseudo English accent that in Grenada, I would certainly not be single and I should join him and his friends.  My friend was, meanwhile, still being entertained, so I joined them.  Partly out of boredom, but I'm also a sucker for a compliment no matter how ridiculous.

Mr. Grenada pulled out my chair to allow me to sit down (very gentlemanly) and we chat.  He then proceeds to say he is going to take me on a date this coming week and how very, very, very much he likes me.  At this point, I'm sort of playing along and he is nice.  I'm just not attracted to him that way.  Mr. Michigan is still hitting on my friend and starting to make a bit of a fool of himself.  Mr. Grenada comments why is Mr. Michigan's every other word the f-bomb.  To which I reply, I don't know but he seems like a moron.  (Always a shame when they are cute but douche bags.  Also a shame when they are nice but you're not a attracted)

The night continues with Mr. Grenada continuing to talk about this future date and at this point, I'm really wanting to go home and do not want to go out with him.  But I'm an idiot and when he asks for my number, I give it to him and the real one.  I know--shame on me, but I felt bad he was nice.  Mr. Michigan proceeds to pee in the tree on the roof deck, comes back to the table, calls Mr. Grenada a "negro" (YES OMG-my friend and I were MORTIFIED), and then Mr. Michigan is kicked out of the bar.  So my friend and I are gushing apologies at the idiocy of Mr. Michigan.  (Sidenote:  Both of us are very Southern, but under NO circumstance is using negro or the other n word EVER EVER appropriate.)  Obviously, it is time to go.  Mr. Grenada walks us to the car and what do you know but Mr. Michigan is waiting outside for us to come out.  We dodge him and hop in the car.

Fast forward to Saturday (yes, the next day), Mr. Grenada calls and texts within an hour of each other.  I reply saying I'm with family and will be for the weekend (which is true) and will call Mon.  He texts on Sunday  saying he hopes I am having fun with the family.  He texts Monday and calls twice.  He texts again on Tuesday.  Come on man--clearly, I'm busy and/or don't want to talk.  Give up the goose.  I realize it is my fault for giving him my number and I should grow some balls and just say I'm not interested.  Honestly though, even if I was REALLY attracted to him, I wouldn't want or need this much attention within 4 days of meeting him.  I've dated guys for years and not gotten this many messages or phone calls within such a short period.

Plus, I leave for the Dominican Republic in 3 days!  ...for my 30th...EEK!!  I have another similar story but I'll save it for another post...

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